Started the Couger


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Goodaye all

After being told to get your affairs in order and expect the worse, l am un grounded.
All the tests showed a aggressive form of the big C, but after 3 failed biopsys and a 4th successful l have a treatable disease.
May or may not worry me in the future.

So l will be finishing the Couger and flying it.:celebrate:

regards Bruce


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How good is that. I know how that comment from the doctors can affect us. Great news and I am glad you are going to continue on with that beautiful plane. Congrats.

Cheers Geoff


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Fantastic news I know exactly what it is like as I was diagnosed with prostate cancer eleven years ago, all ok now. Can't wait to see you airborne in that Cougar of yours. Yipee.:thumb up:

Maj Millard

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Good news Sloper, I'm very happy to hear that. I have a good friend here fighting lung cancer ( never smoked in his life !) I told him to keep flying which he has. He's always out between bouts of chemo when he's got the strength, and it is just great to see as he's always a happier man afterwards.
I think I'd be doing the same, and I hope you can also. cheers, Maj......


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OK Sloper, now that we have all commented on your good news, how much progress have you made on the aircraft since you told us your good news???
Full details with photos of the progress and you with a big smile required asap.

Pushy Alan.


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Finished a chev engine rebuild.
Extending the decking and a new carport.
Painting the sons Gemini.

Dusted the Couger.

regards bruce