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My wife and I spent some time desperately trying to get the freakin air bubbles out of some fibre glassing before the crap went off, just a couple of days ago while making repairs to our pop top caravan roof so the sentiment (I hate fibre glassing) is front and center in my mind ATM.
How you could ever build a whole aircraft out of the stuff, making it strong and keeping it light at the same time is beyond me.

Regards Bill


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Goodaye all

Havent done a lot over the Holidays (except refurbish computers :insane: ) but l have roughed out my intrement panel.

You will see where l have put the throttle and handbrake, l now have no cables running in or through the dash.
laid it out the way l feel it should go, but l am sure it will change.
l'll leav it sit there while l am working to see what l think.
Got heaps of footroom.

Getting back to the refurbishing of computers, l have some ex corporate P4's for sale cheap and some XP professional licenses.

regards Bruce


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Love the new progress photos Bruce, but when you have an hour to spare, could you fit that new Viking Engine in cause I can't sleep at night waiting to see it installed.


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Seems to bend ok, Gary does the lower longerions though.
Lots of rope and the couple of big screw drivers to pull it together.

regards Bruce


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Bending square aluminium tube is not difficult but obviously the radius is the key so can only be bent to a point. It is 6061 T6 so has a high tensile and yield strength. The wall thickness of this tube is 3mm. The lower longerons are bent top to bottom using a jig and the 2 flat assembled sides are pulled in at the front and rear around the steel centre sub frame which tensions the whole frame to end up with a very strong structure. As Bruce said, lots of rope or heavy duty ratchet tie downs as I used.


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l am still here.
No work on the plane though.

Been busy with other things and had my daughter in Hospital for a while.
l have fitted power steering to my 57 Chev.
Fitted a dof dof upgrade to the stereo in the Magnum.
Done a TV comercial with two cars.
Done 2 days on a Movie set in another car.
(pays for flying stuff)
Upgraded the PC in the garage to network cable and fitted a TV card which of course l fitted a external aerial.

Should be back to it next week.
Thinking of buying a Tig welder to make my own engine mount or get work to buy a Tig welder l can borrow.

regards Bruce


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Goodaye all

Got my fuel cells today.
2off 61 litre poly fuel cells, approved for NANDRA Drag Racing with all fuels.
Methonol, Nitromethane, PULP and Avgas, even has AN fittings.
Both are also foam filled.

l have to fit cylindrical feul senders, finger filter for the feed line but it has all teh connections l need.
Fuel pickup, fuel drain, return and breather.
And turf the cap and inlet and make a neck.

This is where the back one is going.

And the front one.

They weigh 7.2 kgs each and that put my weight creep up to about 25kg, but it shouldnt increase any more.
l need to confirm the volume lost to foam at a guess l will have 115lts available when the tanks are brimmed.

l am planning mounting straps at this stage.

regards Bruce


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Are there any issues with weight distribution if you use the tanks individually, or do you have to drain from them both simultaneously?


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Having 4 children l buy washing powder in bulk, result is lots of plastic buckets.
The square ones are much better, cut them in half and store cleco's and clamps in and there bright yellow so there harder for me to loose.

regards bruce