Started the Couger


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After much cleaning up of the garage, building a bench and putting a car into storage l laid out one side of the Couger this morning.

Checked and measured, then did it again and so far things look good.
Also started cleaning up burrs.

Sure beats working with rusty old steel. :clap:

Made a list of tools l would like, not so much as l need more tools, just stuff to make life easier.
You just cant have too many tools.

Also made some changes to the Couger, it has duel sticks, controls and will have the fuel tanks in the wings and a step to get up onto the wings.
As l said to Gary just some refinments.

l intend that all the children will be a part owner/builder and will learn to fly in it.

regards Bruce


Good stuff Sloper. Don't forget to post some pics of your progress so we can see it taking shape.
Is this a Nesmith Cougar you're talking about? I'm a big fan of the Wittman Tailwind which is very similar to the Cougar.........John.


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Goodaye all

Been spending some time in the garage.

Got started cutting gussets, then they somhow ended up getting riverted on :)
l am using Sikalex 221 as well as riverting, its a flexiable sealer and adhesive, l dont want moisture getting in under joints or through any joins.
Also going to paint it on the inside.

Working with Aluminium is soooooooooooo good and things seem to be taking shape quickly.

regards Bruce


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You just put that car in the picture to show off, didn't you! :)

Seriously, how much of the sealant are you putting on? I guess I'm just wondering how many kilos will be added by the time you've finished off all those joints. That is a question, not a criticism, because I have no idea of the answer.

p.s. keep the pictures coming. If I can't have the real thing, I might as well drool over some photos.


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l expect to add a few kg's with sealent, l think the benifits outweighs the weight penalty.
l am keeping it thin and removing excess.

If l was going to show off l would get a pic with all 4 cars in it ;)

regards Bruce


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Another pic.

Completed the right hand side today, tomorrow we will flip the frame and clamp the left side to it so they match perfectley.
l will be using the new tail that the Sieria's are using, purley asthetics really.

Must be getting old purchased a cooler from evielbay for the garage.
Something that l have done is replace the battery of my Bosch industial cordless drill for the 2nd time in 20years, best thing l ever done.
Genuine German built one, not like the rubbish today.

regards Bruce


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And still it is too small. 12*7m
l have one car in storage at mums.

Keeping very mindful of what its where l had to scollop a piece out of the 2nd rear diagnial, so that if one of the elevator bolts wants to be there it can.

Orded some new claps before christmas, havent arrived yet so l'll be scrounging around the neihbors.

Here's all the carsif your interested, follow the links.
And yes they are all GM

regards Bruce


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Been busy the last few days.
Its good being back in the garage again working on a project.
The cricket on the ABC, Skulls laugh, life doesnt get much better.

Both sides are ready to go together, bolted the frame in.
Using aircraft bolts for the first time required a little study, l am used to using them for tooling and equipment we had built, most of the time you over specified.
Using a bolt so that no shear forces went through the thread root, in the past l would have used more or much larger bolt.
Putting a number washers under the nut so that the grip range was correct is also something new, learning lots of new things which is always good. :biggrin:

l will be leaving the frame as is for a few days as l mull over things (admire my handywork)
Might fit a couple of gussets to the centre section and lay out the crossmembers.
Also thinking about paint or surface treatment on the interior of the frame before skins, what do people recomend? l have all the spray equipment.
But its not a race.

PS had the pleasure of meeting Ian today which was good.

regards Bruce


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Have a look into a company called Stewart Systems. They have a range of non toxic surface peotection. The best bit is that because their system is non toxic you can have it sent to you while avoiding dangerous shipping charges.


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Goodaye all

More progress today, the sides have been pulled in and 90% of the braces are fitted.
Ran a string line down the centre and its spot on without any tweaking. :yikes: :clap2:
Very pleased with the dimensions and keeping things tight will pay off with less problems later.

Ran a change and checked/changed a dimension past Gary, he must get sick of emails from me.
But l suppose its good positive feedback.

Got a really good job for my boys, polish all marks off the frame before l skin it.

Tip: Use plywood for you construction table, you can screw wooden blocks in to hold things.

regards Bruce


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Goodaye all

Finished putting braces and gusset's in the fuselauge frame today.
The center line is perfect and left to right is perfect as well, very pleased by that.
The chrome molly frame needed stress relieving at two points, managed to get it even.
Looks like a plane now.

Even without the skin the frame feels sturdy and l know why Gary's Aircraft are consided tough, simple and strong.

Before l do much else we will clean the frame polish out any scratches, photograph and document all the joints then prime it.
Will then start the front floor, skin the underside, fit the firewall and finpost.
Thats the plan but things do change.

On another note l got a email the other day saying my Viking Motor will be ready next month, two months ahead of schedule :yikes:
That means l have two find the GST earlier too. :crying:
l will cheat and now have it sent by boat so l can put it off a little.
l will be useing Gary's mount and cowling, the mount wont require andy changing but the cowling will require a cutout for the radiator.

regards Bruce