My first Solo Cross country!


Click on link to see my first solo cross country up here in Canada. Flying an LSA called the Ikarus C 42 by Comco.
I'm 30 hours , and loving it.
I'm 56 years old and just started ground school last January.
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Hey Geoff.....
Thank you..It's wonderful to know that folks are interested...!.. I'm glad to hit Australia from way up here in Canada. I always wanted to go and visit. My pile of cash that a friend and I were saving to go to Australia ultimately found it's way into the aviation black hole.
No regrets.
I see you have had an engine out scenario? Care to explain or give me the link to it?
So good!! @Astroguy I am currently in Baie-Comeau, Canada. Cross Country flying is so satisfying, flying yourself somewhere! I find it most satisfying when you do your planning and you absolutely nail it and the times just come together :ecstatic: