Morgan sierra 100

Looks fabulous Gareth…. Was speaking with Trevor M today…his hand is all fine now if that is still your plan. Make sure there are several video cameras there for the first flight..depending on the rego returning from "the office" of course..
Hi Mags
thanks for that , we have run the UL a no of times it seems that there is plenty of power to spare , but time will tell , we have confidence in the engine , all temps and pressure are in tolerences and the prop looks to be a winner , we are still waiting for paperwork to come back then we set a date for our test pilot to fly , we will be doing a few h/speed taxis ourselves to make sure the tracking and rudder imput is all good , we have just made a new bonnet for the engine , we were not happy with first one should be soon for that day , getting exited for that day , will take onboard video and outside video for posting
cheers Craig & Gareth
Hi all
thanks all the guys that have posted on our build , encouragement is appreciated and for the guys that have helped us out many thanks
see you around in blue skies
cheers gareth


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Hey Gareth,

How is it all going mate? I went down to Morgan Aeroworks last week and Tim showed me around. Great guy and very happy to chat and show me their gear. I mentioned you and how I looked forward to seeing you up and around... have you been able to get in the air yet?
Well finally the plane is in the air after 2 years of hard work and frustration. The test pilot did a full inspection of air frame and controls all good said ill do a few taxis and then go from there , he taxied out and did two fast runs back and forth then on the second run he took off much to Garaths and my surprise , he then flew around for about a hour doing stalls /steep turns etc and put the plane through its paces he then landed without a drama and taxied to the hanger climbed out and made a couple of suggestions that we would need to adjust as he was having to hold a little right aileron in straight and level and probably will need a small trim tab on the rudder as the plane plane required a little to much right rudder , But all in all he was very happy with the way it flew .It was such a good feeling seeing something you have put so much effort into fly straight off, as what is essentially a home built plane by two people who have never done this before. Credit to Garath for putting up with me during the process along with his hard work and commitment , also credit to Garry Morgan Morgan Aeroworks for designing the plane and his help and advice. Now just to fly off our hours and enjoy
For all of you who are interested how the UL engine went all i can say is what a rocket climb out awesome, speed awesome and so smooth , the test pilot commented on the power and smoothness of the engine, so so far so good. will keep you posted
Thanks to all for the interest in our build