Morgan sierra 100

THanks Guys will do that ,Boonah no hangarage available Heck Field to many problems at the moment ,Caboolture no hangarage , not looking good
anyway a couple of more pics paintwork complete and seats fitted
cheers Gareth& Craig


Thanks John ,we did go for comfort for the long trips (to aldinga next year?) I have been flying a Jab 170 and i get a sore axxse after 1.5 hrs so comfort was a critical thing for us oldies LOL ,its so close to being finished I can taste it !!
cheers Gareth & Craig


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Make sure you let us know when you are coming to Aldinga. I will come down and say hi. I find my 170 ok but then I have more than enough padding. LOL.
Thanks Guys
all the kudos goes to Craig ,he did all the painting ,i just helped with the prep of bodywork, the airbrush work was done by a young artist ,we are well pleased with outcome, a couple more epics ,we sat in today and made aeroplane noises LOL still waiting on prop those yanks are so slooowww
cheers Guys


Thanks PaulH
its a nice touch and the step works well for me (buggered knees ) and being alum its very light Craig gets more ideas as we have progressed with the build
cheers Gareth
Well, its been a long time coming (the prop that is ) the prop arrived wed ,and i installed today ,all electrics finished (thanks Mark,Kyle communications for your help) the fuel system is all finished panel was lit up today final bolt check up so close ,we are both away for 2 weeks , counting down ,here are 2 pics
Cheers gareth & Craig

the prop was ordered in May


Hi ALl
well ,sat we filled the UL with oil, tied the fusalage to a post and fired up the motor ,at idle 40 psi,at full throttle 55 psi all temps in the low range , the engine starts first pop ,being fuel injected easy start, it is a sweet sounding engine , prop balanced, no vibrations at all , the toe brakes need very little pressure to hold it ,even at full throttle all fuel lines no leaks , all electrics and gauges work final fit up and transport to get our test pilot to get it in the air ,so close ,but no rush (a little bit exited though) and we also have a hanger now .
cheers Gareth & Craig
NB .i have a video but can,t get it to load


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Hey Guys,
What a great paint job she looks great, I bet you are looking forward to getting her into the air..well done..