Question Morgan Builds under way and completed

Hi Kyle,
I have 32 hours on the Camit and it is going very well. After the first service at 25 hours and a new prop it is even running better. The old prop had it over revving a bit and that caused turbulence in the carb inlet and roughness at high revs. All fixed now. At 3000 rpm at sea level I can do 140knts one up. Cylinder heads tightened a slight amount at 5 hours but nothing after that. Tappits only needed adjustment at 5 hours. Only 2 of them think. Nothing after that. Compression is very good now. All six cylinders take a bit of force to get them through. No oil leaks at all. Alternator charges the battery fully before I take off. I did have some trouble with fuel pump springs but Ian sorted that for my tank configuration. My config does not deliver fuel to the pump by gravity unless the tank is greater than half full. A stronger Spring was required, the original jabiru one, and all has been fine since. I have an mgl engine temp monitoring and hottest cylinders are the centre ones at 150 on climb and 130 in cruise. EGT I have 2 rear. Both sit on 670 in the cruise.
Very happy with Camit motor indeed.