Question Morgan Builds under way and completed

I'll have it fully rigged next week and post pictures. Some more black pin stripes on the white. Black on white rego when I get the numbers. Matching white wavy lines on the spats.
Connected the controls today and adjusted the travel. Stabiliser is in on too so all the controls are now on and have the correct travel. Just need to put the instrument panel in and commission the CAMIT motor. And connect the brakes and ...........


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I read that as You played with your car/plane/motorbike on your wedding anniversary and as going to say; "Brave man!", but then saw you are smarter than that! :laugh:


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That looks fantastic, well done. You are in a beautiful part of the world to fly this around, I believe you are near Forster? I used to go there on holidays as a kid. Can't wait to hear how the first flight goes.