Hello from Whidbey Island USA

I am new here so wanted to put up a post...
I am an "old Guy" who flew helicopters in Vietnam...
I have Commercial Helicopter...Single Engine Land...Sport Pilot Powered Parachute ratings
I am in the early stages of putting together a build of a Just Aircraft SuperSTOL XL and am trying to figure out which engine I am going with...
I think it is going to be an Aeromomentum but I am still working on the plan...
Thanks for the great Forum
Hi Charles,
Welcome to the forum.
I love the SuperSTOL, and am building an own-design STOL (see my avatar), which I hope will have similar characteristics.
And I'm also CPL(H) - so you and I have a lot in common!
Regards, Alan


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Welcome Charles. Great place Whidbey Island, I travelled down those islands from Canada to Seattle many years ago. Remember watching a yacht go under the bridge at a great ground speed and a motor boat crawling past in the opposite direction, probably doing 20 kts, but hardly moving against the tidal run.