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For fabric covering we use round tube, so the out side gusset just folds around, bend it by hand. for alloy skin the square tube sits on the sides. To do it the other way is a real pain.
For about the 8.5k you will only need paint and a seat cushion. and go. Options may be wheel spats, brakes if you want them, doors. Yes it has to be able to go on the trailor for the days flying, this has made me come up with a very simple control rigging, not with cables, but with two push rods in the fuse vertical and just clip on the end of the aileron horn.


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Drawings at present are a cub type ,high wing, all alloy tube riveted. A very simple control system, and quick to make. A 18hp to 40hp V twin suppiled with a prop wheels and ASI .covering and dope. $8,500 kit . 18 days to build 150hrs
complete as new, second hand ( test flown) 15 k
message #81 gave you that answer.
No it didn't and I don't like guessing with something I am interested in purchasing, I want clarity thanks.

Garry Morgan

Morgan range of aircraft
I don't do my web site it is other hands.This forum is good to get feed back and by the no. of people looking it has interest it what is going on. Which makes one wonder where is aviation is going. Also the GFC and CASA have almost put a stop to what all like doing.