Cheetah - a satisfied owner


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Yes Peter, although I don't make a habit of it.

I was sure someone asked the VNE and stall speed of John Bale's all-metal Cheetah with flaps, but now I can't find where.
Oh well - the answers are:

150 knot VNE (mine's about 125)

Stall at medium load with flaps extended - 22 knots.
Mine's about 35.


Ross, are your wings on your plane of the removable type?



The reason I ask is because in photo 2 of your post #7 there appears to be a massive gap between the wing and the fuselage, if that gap is there all the time I would have thought that that would have created a major amount of drag and that may have been the cause of your inability to achieve a cruise speed similiar to other cheetahs.


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Another bloody eagle-eyed punter. You've got to watch watch you post here ;).
That set of photos was taken slightly before completion, and a number of things weren't done at the time - including the wing root lining. There is a 2 inch wide rubber strip glued in place to seal that joint. It provides a waterproof seal, while still allowing the wings to be taken off.



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Please excuse my lack of knowledge but you mentioned trim with bungies?
How does that work
Here you go BLA82 and Doug.
Snapped a few of the bungie trim arrangement. You've made me notice how dirty my floor is. Time for a vacuum.

With everything in place. Turn the wheel for elevator trim.

Just lift the velcro and slide the bungie left or right for aileron trim.


You can see the spool.

The arc and detentes were for the original lever. The holes were too far apart.


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Deskpilot, as an aside can I ask what sport you were engaged in to get the scars, and are they really bad?
I may be thick, but what am I missing here? Sarcasm for asking questions is the only thing that comes to mind. As Pauline would say............Please explain.


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Ozzie, I'm happy for, but I still don't get it.
Yenn, you go down in my esteem as I'm here to learn and not be made fun off. You may know everything, but some of us are relative beginners and have a lot to learn. This is particularly true of me in my present endeavors.


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Thanks Slarti. My sincere apologies Yenn, I just didn't make the connection. Very droll but. You're back up there again.
BTW, does the chest zipper count?
Still don't see how the bungies work without changing the mid point of control and extra work load when going against it. Maybe the 'mad cow' disease is taking effect already.(Boston Legal fans will know what I mean)


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Still don't see how the bungies work without changing the mid point of control and extra work load when going against it.
I can see I'll have to do that drawing after all. There is extra workload, but the controls are so light you don't have to move far anyway.
Plus the Cheetah doesn't need trimming for different phases of flight, although I'm still not sure how that works. Once the all-flying tail is set at an attitude, it wants to stay there. It's more a trim for weight changes (pax, luggage, etc.).


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Deskpilot. Havn't looked at this post for a while and going through it I thought I had offended you. That made me feel bad but further on I see you got it. Lucky for me as I meant no offence, just being a smartarse as usual.


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Cheers Yenn. I just got hot under the collar and let my mouth do the thinking. I did re-read my post several times but didn't look at my signature block. I feel rather stupid now.