Aviation ID data hack

You don't.

Basically, this sort of thing is going to keep happening until the public realises that it is almost entirely avoidable and demands that we regulate professional standards for the IT industry.

(I am a systems administrator)
All sorts of problems with this situation, but if recreational pilots didn't get sucked into the security state's black hole for daring to land at a regional airport that has RPT, they wouldn't now have their personal details out there ready to use for identity theft. I doubt very much that privacy was given any serious thought by the pollies and bureaucrats when they burdened us with this.

What do you do? Get an ASIC through CASA, who don't want to know you because you are RAAus, wait however many months, and still probably be just as exposed to privacy breaches? Or go with a private company that has a 1999 time warp website, which might go some way to explaining this breach?


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CASA don't want to know anyone applying for an ASIC. There are several ways you can get an ASIC and the one in strife at the moment is just one of those. It is the one I use, so my info may be mucked up. Anything that you put on line in the way of personal info could be hacked.
Last year we got an email saying our tax return could be speeded up by going to some on line site. That was within a few hours of actually lodging the return on the internet. Was it coincidence or did some hacker actually know when returns were lodged?