Question Are there any VH registered Cougars?


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Hi Guys,

Are there any VH registered Cougars flying? Would be interested to find out more on the 4 seat capabilities. I have an RPL with Nav endorsement and will be looking for a 4 seater soonish.


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A search of the CASA aircraft register shows one. VH-LDV based in Atherton.
Since that's where I now fly out of, and I have never seen or heard about it, I am wondering if it is in the owners home shed in the process of being built.


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If you can get hold of one you can get them certified ( or at least certifiable) there's a register for them.
If you can't find one you can make your own.

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The Cougar in Qld is finished and ready to fly , it has moved to just south of Cairns. It is a 4 seat. There is not a lot of change in performance I am told at 800kg I am going up to look at it next month .