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No mate, It's the valley that runs up the middle of Mt Elliot just South of Townsville. Possibly an old blown out volcano from thousands of years ago, as there are a lot of areas of lava rock also ....Somewhere up in there is the wreckage of a DH mosquito that hit in bad WX during WW2. Wouldn't be too much left now...........Maj...
There is also a P38 lightning on Mt Elliot as you probably know Maj. Pilot baled out ok after engine failure but the wreck has never been located. I tried to climb the Mount once but green ants drove me back. Then flew over it and saw how impossible it would be to locate a wreck even from the air.

Maj Millard

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What is now Daylrymple road in Townsville used to be the Stock route strip during WW2. It was attached to Garbutt air base via a taxiway which is now Duckworth St. The area was used to park B-17 s and other aircraft in the bush, to get them away from the main Garbutt air base as they expected the Japs to bomb the area, which they did on a couple of occasions, with only minor results.

The Stockroute strip was gravel, and mainly used by RAAF squadrons using C-47s and Avro Ansons. One day a yank decided to try the strip in a P-38 Lightning. His first take-off attempt was aborted in a cloud of dust, and he lined up a second time, saying he was just checking if the strip was long enough. Shortly after lift off on the second attempt, both engines quit ( fuel taps off !??) and he bellied into salt flats which were still there when I was a kid, but have since been developed into 'the Lakes' housing precinct. I have a wartime photo of a damaged P-38 on the Tarmac at Townsville with both props bent, and a collapsed nose wheel, which may be the same aircraft.
In the same area was the large US maintenance facility which carried out heavy maintenance and repair, on all aircraft. It was at the top end of Bayswater Road. Their old hangars and other facilities were still there when I was a kid, and we played in them often, imagining that we were being attacked by Japanese Zeros. Above the main door area was a mezinne area with chicken-wire re-enforced thick glass panels . There were all broken and holed, with what as kids we imagined were Zero hits. In reality they were probably bullet holes put there earlier by our olded brothers, or by stone throwers.

Two of those hangars exist to my knowledge, one at a cement work just South of Townsville , and one at Sid Marshalls air museum opposite Mareeba airport. That one was dismantled bit by bit and re- erected in Mareeba.......there are paintings of this facility which were done by a US military artist in the War Museum in Canberra.............Maj...:spot on:


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Recent trip to NZ..........1st and 2nd pic.....we stayed/cruised about Milford sound fiordes

3rd.......we landed there, pilot left us with food water and radio.......we "tried" skiing, boarding etc for 5 hrs, then got picked up

4th......getting there.

we spent about a month S.Is.............loved it