Aerial photography discussion and brag thread

Hi all,
I've been posting in the drifter ultralight forum and in the new pilots forum and someone asked for a few pics of where I fly. Since I'm big into Aerial Photography, I thought I'd start up a dicussion here and show off a few pics. Feel free to post your own examples. I'll try to post one or two new pics every day.

FWIW, I use a Nikon D7000 with a cheap kit lens (for now).



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My local flying area is Deeral and the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland Australia.

The cleared property at the bend in the river is our property and where I fly from.

Second photo: Russell Heads,looking NW towards the Pyramid.

Third photo: Normanby Island, out from Russell Heads.

Forth photo: Lake Echam, Atherton Tablelamds.

Property,looking east 2 (Small).JPG North West View 1 (Small).JPG Normanby 1. (Small).JPG Lake Echam 2 (Small).jpg



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The Pyramid with Cairns, in the background,on the right, Gordonvale then Edmonton,on the left...The pyramid is just under 1000 mtres.

Unfortunately. it was a hazy day when I took the pyramid shot.

Pyramid,Cairns  In background. (Small).jpg

The Frankland Island group, out from Russell Heads.

Frankland Islands. (Small).JPG