A Morgan from a plan????


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Hi all,
Can anyone tell me if you can build a morgan Sierra from scratch, I have looked at what you get in a kit & to me it looks if you got the steel sections the rest is just raw aluminium that all needs to be cut drilled shaped & constucted.
Is this right or have I missed something.
They look like a great aircraft to fly & build.
Hi Pete,
Yes the kit is basicly scratch building from 80% raw material. But importantly, the other 20% is vital fibreglass parts such as engine cowls, main landing-gear, wing tips,seat bases etc. Welded steel items are also supplied in kit, and a cast aluminium nose-wheel yoke. An aircraft Serial number is also provided with each kit, needed for registration.
All this would make it very difficult to just build from some plans.
cheers, Dave.


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Hi Pete, they are a great aircraft so do what we did, go down to Taree and fly one.
No more sales talk from me, the aircraft will do it all on it's own. Alan.


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Yes the kit is basicly scratch building from 80% raw material.
This is interesting. I wonder if sourcing some materials, especially the big Al sheets, locally would be cheaper than having Garry freight them over. If I go with the Sierra, I'll have to look into this possibility.