1. S


    Hello. Have just joined and am on the lookout for a two place folding wing trailerable machine in either tail or nose wheel Live in Foxton New Zealand and enjoy motorhoming in our retirement.
  2. stevron

    Inflight adjustable prop

    Who makes electric inflight adjustable props for small Lycoming’s
  3. P

    Pick up filters in Jabiru wing tanks?

    Has anyone else heard about small filters installed in Jabiru wing tank fuel pick up lines? Possibly a sintered bronze type? This was mentioned to me a few days ago by someone who has a problem with a 2008 J230. I am extremely sceptical that if these filters exist, they could start to be a...
  4. PilotPenner

    Canadian Pilot vacationing to Australia

    Hello everybody! I did a quick Google search for "Australian Aviation Forum" and this came up in the results! I'm looking for a bunch of information, but first why don't I introduce myself? My name is Alex, I'm 26 and I've been PPL Licensed for a little over two years, and I just sent in the...
  5. stevron

    Albury to Cootamundra

    Today 15/3/18 6 like minded aviators embarked on a short trip to Cootamundra for lunch , the air this morning was glass and we enjoyed a leisurely smooth journey. After a short walk into town, we enjoyed a relaxing coffee and eats. Following some enlightenment on all things aeronautical , we...
  6. old man emu

    Running on the smell of an oily rag

    Came across an interesting topic for conversation while surfing the 'Net - Can you run an petrol engine on fuel vapour and use miserly amounts of fuel to go great distances? The basic concept here is that using the vacuum created in the intake stroke of an engine, air is bubbled through a tank...