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  1. Yes this is my plane. But the picture shows a newer S2-Version. My Fk 12 is the S1-Version. One of the first Kits, I have Buildnumber 003. Kind regards
  2. Thanks for the nice greetings! Frank, Yes, there is such a Kiebitz. By the time I built mine, the weight was still maximum 150Kg. Mine had 162 kg. Approximately 430 plans have been sold to date. In europe, about 310 aircraft are flying at this time. kind regards
  3. Hi Forum, i am Jochen, 56 years old. A long time ago i have built an Kiebitz plane with 2stroke Rotax 462. Last few years ago i made my toubles again with a FK 12 Comet. And this year I want start to build a Savannah when my wife gives the permission. . . kind regards Jochen