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  1. Even fuel distribution EGT are how you measure it - one per cylinder I have flown - some 100hrs and no difference Been fighting this uneven EGT, as have others, through three different engines and 500+ hrs
  2. things run more even with heated air on Havent really tried but just using air from inside cowl might work Im convinced its ram and swirl which changes as velocity changes through intake system - in which case every build will be quite possibly different
  3. Changed from NACA to side duct and achieved nothing
  4. jetjr

    Strategic plan?

    No idea really but would make more sense than conspiracies. Reckon RAA and others should stay concerned about their own businesses rather than what others do or don't have He doesn't want reduced medical for RPL (or RPL at all Id guess) as its a threat to RAA as a whole - keeping RAA viable is his job. He probably shouldn't have been asked for opinion.
  5. jetjr

    Strategic plan?

    A fair portion of the AGM was members talking about PPL medical issues Not sure what they were expecting RAA to do? Likely RAA will be trying to get medical relaxation for CTA and or MTOW increase pilots, it looks like they will need Class 2 at present
  6. jetjr

    Power Plants

    The energy needed to move the water would require several power stations on the way - the resultant water, then too expensive Its a nice idea but not deliverable
  7. jetjr

    Accident and defect

    Its a self reporting system, they will publish the account presented. Might be delayed but better than it was
  8. The Camit system with second case drain at the back and separator gets oil usage back to near nil. I think you are right, trying to vent and drain back down a small dipstick tube is asking too much Overfilling for sure sees excess oil spat out and leads to overheating too. Id think many Jabiru dont hold the listed oil volume either at the max sustainable level.
  9. without backups yes and Ipads do fall over in hot conditions A D180 or Ipad for non essential info will be less weight than a six pack Mostly people set up minimum backups and a glass screen for the rest - be surprised if its a weight issue unless you look a t double screens, twin radios, etc etc
  10. Theres been several catch can ideas, some just a bottle located along top of duct, Jabiru now have square thing on top of dipstick and yes CAE had a more thorough solution which drained back into extra case vent at top back of engine. It was developed to customer demand but I don't recall Ian wanting to do it.
  11. Do they? Jetting should be altered to fix that. Good numbers on where EGT should be to avoid lean running What if some cylinders running rich and others lean, single AFR isn't going to help. Even out the egt, then AFR and mixture control would be helpful
  12. Jabiru run a std Ryco panel filter. All air, heated or not, goes through it. Bad weather isn't where they are often used Id guess but plenty of icing conditions. A possible reason why Jabiru have return system is the very small oil volumes. An engine could use up to 80+ ml/hr and only ~ 3000ml total. Link this to some older worn engines which can use more and you could end up with problems.
  13. There are ways to adjust mixture in flight, use carb heat or fit leaning device and then various carb options The problem is the unevenness of the distribution. Some cylinders are on high EGT limits and some too low Being able to control mixture doesn't help if spread is too big When I first raised this was told "you have too much info, just confusing yourself" They sell this D180 as an option now
  14. There are now several satellite networks like US owned GPS. Now have GPS, GLONASS (Russian), Gallileo (EU) and BD3 (Chinese) working, US no longer has control over this tech. BUT not sure how many retail products can use these as much of the end products originated in US. Some phones do use first two. Bottom line is US fiddling with the GPS network isn't likely to help them as much as it once did. As a result accuracies and inbuilt errors are being dialled back. Can always fall over but if your device is watching several networks theres no problem. Pretty serious redundancy and reliability upgrade for end users. Australia should have a error correction (WAAS style system) soon giving very accurate data in handheld devices, like cm accuracy. Wonder when CASA and TSO devices will catch up?
  15. Jab engines can be made to run cool, its been proven. Not easy though and as its presented in factory aircraft is pretty poor and variable. Its EGT and fuel/air distribution that's the bear. It was ignored for many years and only fairly recently with multi channel monitoring been seen for how bad it is.