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  1. bexrbetter

    Sonex or Ch601/650 kits

    Have a look at Morgan builds too.
  2. A sign of panic me thinks.
  3. bexrbetter

    Urban Myths

    I have heard that Lycoming and Continental wont update their engine designs through fear of lawsuits. Theory is updating is an admission their old designs are no good, and if someone crashes an old one, the lawsuits will be massive.
  4. bexrbetter

    Urban Myths

    i bought my Dad a helicopter ride on the Gold Coast 22 years ago, 60 birthday. At the last moment we decided to also throw my 3 daughters in as well. The lady helped 2 in the left side, while i put my youngest in the right side and put her belt on. This was on a small heli jetty, whatever you call it. i then closed the door and in the best of Darwin traditions, being all my life taught to walk around the rear of vehicles, took a step back, turned left and talk 2 steps and froze. An image I will never forget, nor the sound, not so far in front of my face the spinning rear rotor.
  5. bexrbetter

    Urban Myths

    Harsh ....
  6. Well theLawyers are going to find it a lot different to an American lawsuit. Anyway, must be terrible for the families.
  7. The collar can not move the leadscrew, it's impossible.
  8. bexrbetter

    Bad fluctuating Oil pressure on a Rotax 912ULS

    Get a dial gage on the end of the crank and measure end float and side play.
  9. bexrbetter

    I blame the Government ...

    Bloody hell, is nothing made in Australia anymore? I just bought a new flat screen TV that was "Built In Antenna" Where the hell is Antenna?
  10. bexrbetter

    Following Daughter to China

    I'm close to Chengdu, where the Pandas are. Xi'An is closest to me, but I don't think I can't get there as I have too many things on these days. However if there's any problems let me know immediately. I have good friends in Suzhou and Shanghai.
  11. bexrbetter

    Looking for 3D Cad drawings of aircraft

    Grabcad and 3D Warehouse.
  12. bexrbetter

    hi, I'm Debbie.

    I think I'll just repost this, shows what kind of a Gal she was ... Gazelle a 'sight for sore eyes' LAUNCESTON woman Debbie Stewart was speechless as she watched her new, bright yellow baby drop out of a clear, blue sky yesterday to land safely at the Cranbourne Airfield. ``I felt sick, just sick _ I've waited years to get it, it's a month since the day I bought it and it's taken a week for Robert (Sharman) to bring it home,'' Ms Stewart said. ``I haven't slept for days, I'm so excited.'' The arrival of the Australian-made, two seater Skyfox Gazelle, weighing in at 520 kilograms, was the culmination of a long journey for Ms Stewart. She started flying lessons about eight years ago but gave up after her instructor was killed in a tragic accident. ``This year, though, I realised that I still very much wanted to learn to fly and wanted my own plane to do it,'' she said. That's where her new instructor, Tasmanian Aero Club chief flying instructor Robert Sharman, became part of the story. Ms Stewart had searched Australia-wide for a suitable plane in her price range and found it in Western Australia. ``It was found in an old farm shed and done up by Peter Boley who lives at Karridale, near Margaret River,'' she said. She couldn't fly the plane to its new home. ``I'm still learning,'' she said. So Mr Sharman did _ all the way down the West Australian coast, across the Nullabor to Murray Bridge in South Australia, to Apollo Bay in Victoria and across Bass Strait to Northern Tasmania. Flying about six hours a day, covering about 900 kilometres a day, the journey took him five days. It was a tight fit for the pilot with no room for the new owner. After Mr Sharman loaded his flying gear, fuel and overnight bag, there was just enough room for him to fold his long legs into the pilot's seat. ``The weather was perfect, it was an easy trip and I had a tail wind across Bass Strait home,'' Mr Sharman said. He saw a pod of about 50 whales at the head of the Great Australian Bight and taxied into the closest road house and up to the petrol bowser to refuel across the Nullabor. Ms Stewart hopes to be in the air as the pilot of her new plane by Christmas. She is nearly 60 and believes that she is one of the oldest Tasmanian women learning to fly. She plans to be one of the oldest to soon hold a pilot's licence.
  13. bexrbetter

    New Iranian fighter

    You still need coal to make the metals. It's not just planes, it creates industries with the tech developed for the aircraft. McLaren F1 race car team has a gross annual income of around 300 million pounds, the rest of the McLaren businesses generates close to one billion pounds in technologies stemming from F1 developments.
  14. bexrbetter

    Flying Train

    So, which uniquely original combo name are they going to call it: "Plain" or a "Trane"?
  15. bexrbetter

    New Iranian fighter

    Australia still is building mirages.