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  1. nashy

    101 dumb questions from a NUBIE

    Next step up from a paramotor is a powered parachute, Two seats, easy to transport, cheap, will take heavy weights ( depending on the type ) Or you can also get a tandem paramotor.
  2. I started with paragliders, Then RC models, Then GA ( c150s & 172s ) then Gazell, drifter, Skydart, Thruster and finally the best form of flying, The powered parachute, low and slow around the tree tops.
  3. You might be confusing powered paragliding with powered parachuting, A powered parachute has a tricycle undercarriage with suspension.
  4. I own a PPC and it cost nothing to keep at home, I have a mobile hanger ( converted caravan ) and I can take it any where I want and go flying.
  5. My first was in a Thruster, The old 503 broke a crank shaft and the thing just kept going on one cylinder making all sorts of noises but it kept running for another 30 minutes and I made it back to the airport, landed and taxied back to the hanger. My second was in a powered parachute at 100 ft after take off, I just turned around and landed back at my take off point. ( PPCs are the best for fun and safety ).
  6. nashy

    Melbourne flyers?

    Any time from good Friday through to the monday
  7. nashy

    Melbourne flyers?

    Hi mark, That was at Rushworth, and it's on again over easter, I'll be there again this year if you want to come.
  8. nashy

    Melbourne flyers?

    I live in the Melbourne area ( Werribee ) and find it hard to find places to fly. As I don't fly an Aerochute I am sometimes not made to feel welcome in places that these are flown.
  9. nashy

    YLED - Lethbridge on growth steroids ?

    NASTY, Hmmm, I hope that's just a typo??? I attended the famous BBQs on a regular basis and flew a skydart and thruster for a few years. I have also continued to do my fixed wing BFR s But when I asked if I could fly my PPC I was told that PPCs are not the type of aircraft that would be suitable for the field. No other reasons were given so I moved on and flew at other fields. As I said, it would be nice if that stance has changed, I would come back and re join. NASHY.
  10. nashy

    YLED - Lethbridge on growth steroids ?

    Very nice air field, I used to be a member there and flew often, Then I bought a powered parachute and was promptly told that PPCs are not welcome, What a shame as I would love to go back.
  11. nashy

    Aircraft and tax

    NIG, In my opinion, using a fixed wing plane to look at that size property is a waste of time and effort. My brother in law has a property just a little larger than that and the best aircraft to do the job is a powered parachute. They are slower and you can get right down low to do your inspections and you can cover most of the property in and hour or so. I do it on a regular basis for him. However they are no good for long cross country flights but purely for farm work they are the best.
  12. You have the passion for it mate, don't let the politics get in the way. If you need any info from me you can give me a call ( Rob has my number )
  13. Still can't see any references to broken arms or legs ??????? For the record, as far as I know there has not been a fatality in Australia in PPCs. PPCs are the fastest growing sector of RAA. They cost nothing to hanger at home. They can take off and land in very small areas. For me they are the ultimate form of flying. I also fly fixed wing aircraft and am always amazed at the comments and attitude from 3 axis pilots towards PPCs it seems that many 3 axis pilots consider themselves as a higher form of human than PPC pilots and I'm seeing that now on this site.
  14. Turboplanner, I have been flying powered parachutes for over ten years and fly with and know many PPC pilots. I have never heard of this large amount of broken arms and legs???????????? There have been no records of these incidents with the RAA. Is this just another example of the lack of respect and uninformed comments we get from the general flying community towards PPCs ? Can you give some examples ?