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  • Hi Ross I have noticed on a previous thread that you have been using Gary Morgan's props for 3 yrs. How many have you gone through. Kevin and I have only just received our new Sierra but are having problems with prop damage from rain and stone chips. . Do you know of any Morgan aircraft using other props if so which ones. Regards Alan Marriette.
    Hi Ross
    wondering if you can help, I'm trying to get Hangarage at Goulburn for my Sapphire I,ve tried to contact Tony but no answer also Teriah seems reluctant to ring back, any contacts you could put me onto.

    regards Anthony
    Hey Slarti,
    With a nick like that you stand out in a crowd. Is that you blogging regularly on keo, the RSA rugby site?
    Hi Ross,
    John dropped in on Friday and had a look, once we sorted the seat cusions out and he was comfortable, he was happy.
    Also had his wife in the aircraft too.
    G'day Ross,
    My fiancee' was the lucky lady who went for a blat with you at monto. Looking forward to joining the ever growing ranks of Morgan aeroworks flyers hopefully by the end of this year.
    finally joined the forum
    Have a good one
    Dave Toal
    Hi Ross,

    I posted the SD card with prepaid return expess post envelope about 10 days ago. Did you receive it?

    Thanks, Colin
    Hi Slartibartfast,

    I have just arrived in Canberra, busy finding my way, and was informed that I need to contact you for nearest possible hanger space.

    Information acquired to date it seems that the field at Goulburn will fit my immediate needs.

    This space is needed for a Samba XXL.

    Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated!

    Please contact me at or 0416315984.

    Save flight to all.

    Hi Mate, interested in other Morgan Areo planes flyers, Im almost finished a Seirra in East Gippsland, where are you, where does your plane fly?
    Hi Slarti,
    I was just wondering if you knew if my Bumper sticker order may have been missed as I haven't received anything at all yet?
    My Forum name is Escadrille.
    My adress is 3 Rhyde st,Toowoomba.
    Regards, Andy
    Hey Ross, I put the piccies from our fly up in the gallery. If you want the bigger version of any of them, I can email them to you.
    Thanks again for taking me for a fly in the Cheetah, it was awesome fun :)
    No worries. I got a bit distracted here and there too. I even jumped in to leave while the wings were still tied down. How embarrassing.
    Catch you next time.
    Sorry I missed introducing myself at Temora yesterdy Slarti, I had to depart immediately after the airshow for a dinner appointment.
    Can You help me please?? check the thread "Dum Dee Dum" in general discussion. I am on a computer belonging to a kid who has not entered the 25 digit key to access the full versions of microsoft stuff. I can email the files to you if that helps.

    Cheers, David.
    Hi Ross just a short note I am not getting automatic replys to threads that I have posted to.

    Could you look into this.

    Good news Linda. There was a lot of dark stuff around to the south and west, I wasn't sure everyone would get through there. I had to go a fair way east and then go under all the low stuff and track SW back to Goulburn quite low. Some fun scud running.
    Hope to see you at Echuca.

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