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  • Hey pud, just wondering if you bought new engine mounts when you fixed the thruster and if so, where from, can't find them anywhere.
    Pud, i am planning to attend Monto on 29 sept-01 Oct, so let me know when you guys hit the sunshine state and I'll come up to Farris to have an amber nectar with you........................................Cheers Maj...
    Hey pud, Finally cleared my mailbox today and got your lottery ticket !...you didn't have to mate, I make those things on a slow day at work...anyway thank you, glad you liked them, and yes they do look good on your panel.
    Gday Pud, i have emailed Dave kings club to see if i can get in contact with him and i emailed bryan shaw. no response yet and as i know these are the only two?
    Greetings Pud
    After your most recent post, it seems to me that you should offer to build a house for the mechanic and maybe get your own back .... but then, that would be dumbing down wouldn't it? Sorry to hear that the Northam Nightmare continues. Give a holler if I can help in any way. cheers Bob
    HI Pud I was wondering if you could measure the length of your wing struts as I am about to order the material to make some for my T300 . I just need the measurement of the tube length only without the end attachments. How did you go with u shaped extrusion for your wing attachment brackets.
    Thanks Brownie
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